Peru 2020 Mission Trip

We are excited to share a life-changing opportunity with our students and families during Spring Break 2020 (March 6-17) as God-willing, a group of 60 students, staff, and parents will be heading down to Lima, Peru, to serve that community on a Maranatha-sponsored mission trip. While there, we’ll be building a 22′ x 42′ multipurpose worship and learning space, running a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program, and operating a few medical, dental, and vision clinics. We’ll end the trip with an epic trip to the famous Machu Picchu before returning back to Texas with sunburns, full hearts, and memories for a lifetime. We ask for your prayers as well as your financial support as we don’t want to see any of our students miss out on the opportunity to go, where God has placed it on their hearts to serve.

Below is a growing list of each of the students and families who have committed to join us on the trip with links to their individual fundraising pages. We thank you for your prayers, donations, and continued support to help make our Peru 2020 Mission Trip an unforgettable life experience and blessing to all those participating! Each donation made through the website links below will receive an auto-generated receipt.

General Trip Fund

Alvarez Family

Aquitania, Micah

Boley Family (Kelley, Grace & Vivian)

Brookins, Jordan

Castellanos Cruz, Diana

Castillo, Ana

Chavez Family (Gene & Rodrigo)

Ciron, Allie

Davis, Amanda

Erturk, Jazmin

Fernando Family (Richard & Matheus)

Frias, Larissa

Garcia, Diego

Green, Jordan

Hackshaw Family (Vennor, Gale, Andrew & Alisia)

Heinrich Family (Robyn & Macie)

Herman Family (Jamie, Gisselle & Nathan)

Hernandez-Castruita Family (Christina, Rosemary & Jorge)

Kocmick, Isaac

Lewis, Savannah

Liston, Carmily

Long Family (Aaron, Carrie, Adeline & Caden)

Long, Genia

Martinez, Nadia

Martinsen Family (Dianna & Alina)

Massey Familyi (Michael & Laurel)

McBrown, CJ

Miller, RJ

Molina/Salas Family (Carlos, Shirley, Gabriel, & Adriana)

Notice, David

Nunnaley, Megan

Reyes, Jocelyn

Sanchez, Emli

Tablada, Victor

Tyre, Matthew

Valencia Family (Marissa, Samuel & Seth)

Wallack, Seth

Webb/Craig/Cross Family