Pine Car Derby

BAA Fall 2016′ Pine Car Derby Information Center


Event Overview:

The BAA Pine Car Derby is open not just to all Pre-K – 8 Burton Academy students, but to the community as well.  We invite all kids who have a desire to participate to join this fun event!  The derby is being held to help raise funds for each classroom, Pre-K – 8th Grade, for a designated classroom project which has been determined by each homeroom teacher.  The entry fee is $50 per car.  This fee may be payed for by sponsors or families, but in an effort to not place an additional financial burden on families, kids will raise the funds by stamping and addressing 10 envelopes which the classroom teachers will assist the students in stuffing donor request letters in and mailing from the school.  If the students bring in at least 10 envelopes that have been addressed and stamped, they are guaranteed to receive a pine car derby kit car regardless of how much money they raise, and are able to race their car on race day!  The school will provide the envelopes, and we recommend that families use their Christmas card list of friends and family to mail to.  Funds can be turned in all the way up until race day.  For copies of sample letters or if you simply need some more information about this fun and nostalgic event, please contact Aaron Long at or Kent Wallack at

Preview of Last Year’s Event:


Pine Car Derby 2014 from Burton Adventist Academy on Vimeo.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, Nov. 3: Rough-Cutting & Sanding Support Night from 3:45 – 6:30 pm

Thursday, Nov. 5: Painting & Finishing Support Night from 3:45 – 6:30 pm (Rough-Cutting & Sanding Also provided)

Sunday, November 15: Race Day!

Grades Pre-K – 3rd: 10 am – Noon

Grades 4 – 8:  Noon – 2 pm

Student Championship & Adult Division Races:  2 pm


Planning & Car Crafting:

1.) Read the Rules: Please read the full rules below, but make sure of the of the following:

a. The finished car is 5.0 ounces or less

b. You do not modify the width of the wheel base, or the car won’t be able to race

c. You do not use any lubrication other than graphite powder

Pine Car Derby Rules

2.) Pick a Design

100 Cool Designs

100 More Cool Designs

3.) Rugh-Cut & Sand

Quick Overview Video

4.) Weights, Paint & Wheels

Paint & Finish

5.) Fine-Tuning