Summers are a time in which I have a chance to reflect on the previous school year, evaluating what worked and what might need to be eliminated or improved for the coming year. It’s also a time in which I have the opportunity to do personal study as well as make preparations for the new school year.

A friend of mine asked, “What would a great school year look like?” Mr. Gilliam and I both had the same response. While we believe that we have a culture favorable to spiritual issues, we feel that we could do better. We both agreed that what we needed was more and intentional prayer.

During our teacher preparation days, staff entered each classroom and area of the school praying specifically for the teacher and the classroom that would soon be filled with students. Not only did we feel God’s presence and working on our campus, but we also experienced staff cohesion as we were reminded of our Mission: Leading students to Christ, Preparing them for Life.

After much thought and prayer, Mr. Gilliam and I have adjusted the teachers’ morning worship schedule to include a specific day of prayer each week. Every Wednesday during our worship time, instead of a short devotional with the entire staff, we plan to spend the time praying over our students, their families, the staff, and other needs that arise. Mr. Gilliam created a Google Doc that we all can access to keep us focused on what we can be praying over. There is also a column to report an answer. We have already been blessed by our more intentional praying time and are grateful for what we see the Lord doing in our school and in our lives and the lives of our students.

As you consider Burton throughout this school year, please join us in praying for our children, our school, teachers and staff, that we all may reflect the character of Jesus in such a mighty way that others will see a difference.