Class Schedules

Elementary classes begin at 8:00. Pre-Kindergarten through grade-five students are dismissed at 3:30 pm Monday through Thursday, and 12:00 pm on Friday.  Kindergarten through grade five classes are self-contained for their core subjects and move to other classrooms for other courses. All students, kindergarten through grade 5, have specialized teachers for Music, Physical Education, and Library.

Burton Middle School has eight class periods. Students may change classrooms each period. First period classes begin at 8:00 am and last period ends at 3:45 pm Monday through Thursday, and 12:00 pm on Friday.

BAA’s High School has nine class periods (including lunch). Students are in class from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Friday.


ParentsWeb is an online tool powered by RenWeb for parents, teachers and students. ParentsWeb allows teachers to post assignments and grades and inform students and parents about events. Students use ParentsWeb to get class assignments and check their progress in class.

Parents use ParentsWeb to view activities their children are involved in, find detailed grade reports, look at assignments, and view attendance records. ParentsWeb makes it easier for parents to keep track of how their children are doing in school by containing all the information for one family within a single username and password.


Grades will be emailed to parents regularly.

The grading scale:


A 93-100
A- 90-92
B+ 87-89
B 83-86
B- 80-82
C+ 77-79
C 73-76
C- 70-72
D+ 67-69
D 63-66
D- 60-62
F 0-59



Citizenship at Burton Academy is a reflection of a student’s overall behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, dress, respectfulness, attendance and classroom demeanor. Violations will result in deductions of points based on infractions. Discipline beyond deduction of points may also occur.

Dress Code

Studies have shown that students who have a wholesome attitude toward dress have a better chance of success in school.  In the best interest of the students and the school, all students are required to adhere to the Dress Code Policy as approved by the School Board.  Students who disobey this policy will be asked to return home or make arrangements for other clothes before they will be allowed to return to class.