Elementary Academics

Burton Adventist Academy Elementary is a safe and nurturing environment where the students can grow to their full potential. We are growing a legacy of excellence in academics with the ultimate goal of each student having a personal relationship with Jesus. As a result of our low student-teacher ratio, our caring and knowledgeable staff can provide individual attention and support. Collaborative small group learning is encouraged to help students know how to interact with each other in a positive, creative way. Project based inquiry allows for higher order thinking, problem solving with real world connections. We encourage our parents, teachers and community members to be actively involved in our students’ learning.

We encourage our parents, teachers and community members to be actively involved in our students’ learning. Pastors enrich our campus with special bible classes, chapels, and outreach activities. Parents are encouraged to participate in field trips to experience the wonder of discovery. Burton provides an app that keeps families up to date on activities, assignments, testing and days off school. Teachers in the Elementary share weekly newsletters and assignment sheets with parents to give them a detailed report of academic growth and activities in the classroom.

At Burton Adventist Academy our curriculum works to develop the whole person spiritually, physically, intellectually and socially. Our Bible program uses the Bible as a textbook and allows the students to encounter Jesus in our daily study. The math program allows teachers to differentiate instructions, reinforce fundamentals and encourage students to develop individual mathematical understanding. Language arts is a cornerstone in elementary education. Small group reading instruction, Pathways whole group reading program, writer’s workshop, grammar and spelling, supported by technology options, builds strong communicators. ByDesign Science is an innovative, inquiry based, collaborative program that inspires the natural curiosity in children to explore the fascinating world God created. Social Studies helps our students become good citizens in a culturally interdependent world and helps them understand their heritage.

In addition to the curriculum, our elementary students have opportunities to participate in Maker Space exploration, Virtual Reality stations, 1-1 iPad opportunities, Coding, Minecraft club, PE, music, intramural sports, gardening, field trips and fundraising.