iPad Program


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iPad Classroom Rules

Program Update and Info:

As our iPad program sets a new path for Burton Adventist Academy, one that seeks to establish Burton as a model of technology integration in the classroom environment enriching the student experience and depth of learning, our hope and prayer is that the vision is a shared one between school, church and family to further ensure the success of such an offering.

There are many components to this program which we are excited to share!  In short, through the integration of iPads into the classroom, students are able to experience inquiry-based learning and project based-learning on a daily basis!  In translation, students have the regular opportunity to seek out answers to teacher-directed questions to enhance learning in a structured and cultivated environment. Additionally, through project-based learning, students have regular opportunities to create projects that offer greater depth of learning and mastery of content, and ultimately share their resulting projects in a stimulating environment.  More benefits of offering iPads in the classroom will become evident over time, such as the ability for students to learn better collaboration and e-citizenship skills, content delivery from teachers to students, and content creation by students. To better understand what this program looks like in action, take a few short minutes and enjoy this video of what another school, Burlington High in Boston, MA experienced through the adoption of such a program: http://www.apple.com/education/profiles/burlington/


iPad Program Specifics:

  • Families of students in grades 4 through 12 are required to purchase an iPad for each child as they would textbooks. (Specific purchasing recommendations/ requirements listed below)
  • At least one guardian of each child must attend an info session prior to their child being allowed to bring or utilize their device at school
  • E-Books and iBooks will be available for all courses in the high school this year. When purchasing books through the link on the school website please consider the e-book option, as it offers a considerable savings.  E-book options may be available via Amazon (the Kindle app) or other vendor specific app, please check the textbook page on the school website for more information.


iPad Purchasing Requirements, Options & Pricing Info:

  • Families must purchase one iPad per child.
  • iPads are required to be WiFi only
  • It is strongly recommended that families purchase  the newest iPad available. This is due to the increased functionality and the simple fact that you won’t be faced with the need to replace those devices any time soon.  It is not necessary to purchase and iPad Pro or an apple pencil.
  • Any WiFi only iPad Air/Mini 2 or higher model will be allowed if you already own the device.  Please note the device will be wiped by the school to install management software
  • All student iPads will be managed by the school beginning the 22017-2018 school year.
  • It is strongly recommended that families purchase AppleCare+ for their device. It is an extra $99, but covers two full years of full technical support and device replacement. This even includes accidental breakage.  In the event of an accidental breakage, there is a $49 deductible, but it offers peace of mind and an affordable option in case of an accident.