Jr. High Citizenship

Jr. High Citizenship and Demerit System

Citizenship at Burton Adventist Academy is a reflection of a student’s overall behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, dress, respectfulness, and classroom demeanor. Violations will result in deductions of points based on infractions. Discipline beyond deduction of points may also occur.

Demerits are given to a student when they do not follow the Burton Adventist Academy Student Code of Conduct.

Qualifications for Extra Activities

Eligibility for extra activities, (field trips, SA events, and other non-classroom activities), will be based upon two criteria: citizenship and grades. In order to be considered eligible for extra activities students shall have no more than 25 demerits per semester and no lower than a 60% in each class. Citizenship and grades will be checked on a weekly basis.

Communication of offenses is a priority of the Jr. High faculty at Burton Adventist Academy. Emails will be sent for demerit infractions, and parent-teacher conferences will be requested for anything beyond a small infraction.

Electronic Use

Students are not allowed to use any electronic devices, which aren’t expressly approved, while on campus without permission from a staff member. For cell phone use, please see the handbook for conditions under which cell phone use is allowed.

Qualifications for 8th Grade Class Trip

It is our intent and hope that all students will go on the end of year 8th grade class trip. However, this is a privilege and not a right. Therefore certain requirements must be met before being allowed to go. 8th graders will not be allowed to go on the end of year class trip if they have more than 25 demerits for the semester or have any grades lower than a 60% the Friday before trip departure. Administration may elect to keep a student from going on the class trip due to special circumstances or disciplinary reasons.

Sample Demerits for Jr. High (See Handbook for add)

Excessive Talking (1 point)
Unexcused Tardy (1 point)
Food (1 point)
Gum (1 point escalating)
Electronics (1 point escalating, confiscation, fine)
Uniform infraction (1 point escalating)
Hands On (1 point escalating)
Public Display of Affection (2 point escalating)
Disrespect (2 points escalating)
Instigation (2 points escalating)
Cursing (3 points escalating)
Cheating (12 points escalating, “0” on assignment)
Fighting (5-15 points and administrative action)