Managed iPad information

Below are the steps for setting up student iPads with Zuludesk MDM in supervised mode.  Check the Frequently Asked Questions page if you have questions about the process.


Step 1:  Backup of student data

If the student iPad contains app data or pictures that need to be backed up, the first step is a backup.

Step 2:  Reset iPad deleting all content and settings

Resetting an iPad requires the Apple ID and password used for activation.  If a student does not know the Apple ID and password, the iPad will need to be reset at home.

Parents who would rather the school complete the reset can send the Apple ID and Password in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name and grade on the day of the reset.  The ID and password will be shredded once the reset is complete.   

Directions for the reset can be found by clicking here.  

Students who know their Apple ID and passwords will have the reset completed at school.  We do not recommend giving students the Apple ID and password.  


Do not configure the iPad in any way once the reset is complete.  Return the iPad to school at the welcome setup screen.


Step 3:  Activate iPad in supervised mode and install Zuludesk Profiles

The school will configure the iPads in supervised mode and install the Zuludesk profile.  All iPads will be returned to students after activation to reinstall all apps.


Step 4:  Reinstall all apps

Configured iPads will be returned to students.  Students and parents should reinstall all apps that were backed up by the school.  These are the apps for which data will be restored.  The school can only restore data for apps that have been reinstalled on the iPad.


Step 5:  Restore student app data

Students/parents return the iPad to the school a final time.  All apps that were back up and reinstalled in step 4 will have all data restored to the iPad.  Any app that was not reinstalled in step 4 will not be restored.  The school will return the iPads to the students, and the process is complete.