Student Resources

Personality and Career Inventory

TypeFocusTM Careers assesses a client’s personality type and automatically incorporates it into personalized reports. These reports offer insight into self-awareness that promotes wise decisions about important topics:

  • What career choices fit with my personality?
  • How can I get along with people better?
  • What are my learning style strengths?

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Financial Aid And Scholarships

Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The FASFA must be filled out by all college bound students who are looking for financial aid or scholarships.

University Scholarship Programs

Academic Scholarships Texas A & M University

The Honors Programs at Texas A&M provides attractive opportunities for competitive academic scholarship and honors study. Texas A&M recognizes National Merit Semifinalists who enroll in our freshman class with one-year Merit Plus Awards of $2,000. For more information click here.

NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR COOPERATIVE EDUCATION – (Kettering Hospital participates in this program)

As the largest independently sponsored merit co-op scholarship in the Untied States, the Nation Commission on behalf of eight (8) NCCE Partner Colleges and Universities will award one hundred seventy (170) merit co-op scholarships of $6,000 each, for a renewable value of $4,200,00. For more information click here.

Searching for Scholarships

  1. Visit Web sites like Adventures in Education or Fastweb to access databases of scholarship information. Also, search engines, such as Google,  are another excellent source. Use search terms such as “high school scholarships” to find some outstanding opportunities. You might try adding some key words such as “chemistry” or “sports” to get even better results
  2. Schools can help you find sources of scholarships. Call your future college’s admission office for help. The colleges are also good at finding out about scholarships offered by state and local government agencies.
  3. Many types of businesses give out scholarships or have funds for students and it is part of their responsibility to participate as positive members of their community. Research company websites, call the company’s main number and ask about any programs, or recruit parents or friends to help you with the search.
  4. Parent’s workplaces are good sources of scholarships. Check with them to see if any are available.
  5. The different branches of the military are great sources of scholarship offers. You may have to serve in some capacity in order to qualify, but sometimes, they might pay for college before you actually have to start your service. Local recruiting offices or guidance counselors can help you with this search.
Check out these sites for scholarship opportunities!